”All Mediums are Psychic, but not all Psychics are Mediums”…

The above is a given fact, but very rarely, some are both. Not you’re everyday psychic, I am a Psychic Spirit Medium and an Author based in Central NSW in Australia. I work intuitively and with Spirit to find the answers to your most pressing questions.

I do my readings on the phone exclusively, therefore I call you!  

I have read for over a thousand clients since 1993 and lived in Europe and Latin America, now I find myself back home in Australia where I am sharing my gifts.

Having worked in various locations both online and in person, from Kasmaba to Live Person online as well as the old Living Energies store in Miranda NSW, and on many sites such as Sally Morgan and Lillyanne in the UK.I am now happy to say I work am working on Absolute Soul Secrets here in Australia.



With the use of intuition, psychic energy and cards, I am able to help you understand situations around you with clarity.

Normally I will get a very fast download of information and can easily pinpoint details you need to make the right decision on everyday issues about your life.

 The work is very high energy on my end and due to this, I ask that you prepare your questions carefully prior to a reading so we cover issues that are pressing and important about you. The 20-minute reading can cover quite a lot in that short time frame and I do read long term so that helps when you need to see further along into the future.

My readings are good for finding out the fine details, getting time frames and seeing events into the future. I can tell you about the past and present in great detail and prefer to work on the client and their immediate family and personal relationships.



Mediumship is an essential part of my work and is very rewarding. Spirits that choose to participate in a session with you, do so out of their own free will.

 I have participated in the open circles at the Spiritualist Church in Stroud in the UK and now participate regularly at my local Spiritualist Church as a guest medium and can say I thoroughly enjoy it!

* A word of precaution, specific spirits cannot be summoned, a session gives you evidence of the specific person’s survival after death and should be a pleasant and healing experience for you. You cannot play test games with them, it is not the Ouija board, nor can questions be asked. The session should be natural in nature and help you as this is considered a gift from the Universe.



Having a unique way of doing the regressions,  I am able to accompany the client on their journey when working with them during a session. A regression is a great way to uncover the past and understand the present.

These sessions are very healing and unique in that they allow you to remove shackles from the past and uplift your soul. They work well to release and help heal.

(These sessions require preparation and if you book a session I will assist you in how to prepare and what you should expect.)

Sessions are only available on the following days and times,  for bookings please follow the form below and I will contact you, payments are made via PayPal or bank transfer 24 hours prior to your booked appointment to secure your spot. A maximum of one reading is allowed per person per week, no exceptions. This gives time for things to happen and not cause an obsession.